Dazzler Tower  San Martin

San Martin 920

City of Buenos Aires

Saturday 17th

February 2018

morning and afternoon


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Magíster Claudia de Martin

Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado Técnico

de la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional.

Help! I have to plan my year in Kindergarten.




Licenciado Carlos Petrini

Escuela Superior de Servicio Social

Instituto Integral Católico de Chivilcoy

Colegio “Santa Cecilia”

Books with the little ones:

Building the way to literacy.





Profesora Especialista Fabiana Parano

Inst. de Enseñanza Sup. en Lenguas Vivas “Dr. Juan R. Fernández”

Escuela de Maestros (ex CePA)

Stories in a Bag

Play in kinder and early primary is much more than a few games.



Profesora Eugenia Dell´ Osa

Plan Up

Glasgow Kindergarten

Classroom routines: Stepping on solid ground and moving forward.

Classroom routines: Stepping on solid

ground and moving forward.





Profesor Alfredo Bilopolsky

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Escuela Scholem Aleijem

Speeding up acquisition: Technology with young and very young learners