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Presentation 1:

“Wake up those Vocabulary lists! Games for vocabulary Acqusition.”

Presentation 2:

”Warm-ups and wrap-ups: Start and end your class with an activity that will leave them smiling!”

Indira Bakshi M.A

Sponsored by
US Embassy

From setting goals to achieving success: Messi’s mindset in SEL lessons!

Prof. Paola Danesi

Sponsored by
Macmillan education

Storytelling games and drama techniques IN ACTION!

Prof. Esp Fabiana Parano

Crafting Dynamic Environments for TODAY’s Learners!

Prof. Eugenia Dell’Osa

Pronunciation tricks at your fingertips!

Lic. Martín Villarreal

From Traditional Correction to Autonomy: AI in Action

Mgter. Marcela Villaverde

The AI revolution in the reak ELT Classroom!

Mgter. Jennifer Verschoor

Tune in to clarity: The postmethod pedagogy in pronunciation teaching!

Lic. Pablo De Marchi

Sponsored by
Path Examinations

The story is just the beginning: Literature as a hands-on experience.

Mgter. Laura Aza

Spill the tea! The power of anecdotes in EFL. Turning our life experiences into stories!

Prof. Alejandra Alliende

Brain-Based Learning: building the bridge between Neurosciences and Education!

Lic. Nylia Monté

Mixing authenticity and imagination in the English Lesson!

Prof. Paula Bernich

Transforming Learning: The power of transmedia in the English Classroom!

Prof. Mirta Pola Rossi

Sandwiching classroom dynamics: engaging students one layer at a time.

Mgter. Cecilia Bonavetti

Creating Impactful Work Stations for Today's Classroom!

Prof. Sofía Ahumada

Small Steps, Big Gains! The science behind microlearning and bite-sized lessons

Mgter. Romina Marazita

Wellbeing and Scocial-emotional Learning in the age of artificial intelligence!

Mgter. Mariana Hidalgo

Tips and tricks to create a neuro-compatible lesson!

Lic. Ricardo Spizzo

The Playful Attitude, the Basis of a Creative Classroom!

Lic. Celeste Grimau

Sponsored by
Carbon Con Patas

Shaping tomorrow: creating a generation of solutionaries!

Prof. Marcela Villán

BEYOND WORDS, Emotional narratives in literature

Prof. Ingrid Landrein

You’ve got the power! How to foster a Growth Mindset in Education

Mgter. Roxana Areán

PBLL: How to Turn Ideas into Memorable Language Projects!

Prof. Laura Más

How to turn your classroom into an escape room

Mgter. Cecilia Ramirez

From VHS to VDH: Rewinding Creativity with a Twist!

Prof. Marcela Danowski

Eight-minute Activities your Students will Appreciate and Never Forget!

Prof. Patricia Zorio

Sponsored by
Carbon Con Patas

Unlocking engaging material for adult Conversation classes!

Prof. Gilda Pinciroli

Become a techie teacher: Hacks to bring the digital world into the classroom!

Lic. Ailén Hanada

A thinking routine toolkit to develop young learners’ thinking skills in the classroom!

Lic. Ana María Barragán

Engage, empower, excel: building a challenging classroom

Prof. Paula Bonadeo

Fostering creative classrooms through critical thinking!

Lic. Brenda Pasarelli

A Journey into Memorable, Meaningful, and Magical Language Acquisition!

Prof. Maria Belén Santucho y Lic. Nadia Belén Nieva

How to best choose and adapt materials to teach older adults

Mgter. Claudia De Martin

SPECIAL SECTION: Post-Covid classrooms