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Presentation 1:

“Wake up those Vocabulary lists! Games for vocabulary Acqusition.”

Presentation 2:

”Warm-ups and wrap-ups: Start and end your class with an activity that will leave them smiling!”

Indira Bakshi M.A

Sponsored by
US Embassy

“Busting the mystery of how to practice inclusion in your classroom.”

Susan Hillyard B.Ed.

Sponsored by
British Council

“Help your students embark on a successful reading journey!”

Kostas Pexos B.A.

Sponsored by
MM Publications

“Love at first sound: a learning-based approach to pronunciation teaching.”

Lic. Pablo De Marchi

Sponsored by
Path Examinations

“Storytelling and drama in the classroom: connecting the narrative dots.”

Prof. Esp Fabiana Parano

“Poetry as a bridge: enhancing CLIL in your English classroom.”

Prof. Eugenia Dell’Osa

“Assessing the Pronunciation of English as a Lingua Franca. Is it time for a new testing model?”

Chris Kunz

“Teaching more, teaching differently.”

Prof. Alejandra Ottolina

"Songs for memorable learning: bring the joy of music into your classes!”

Lic. Nylia Monté & Prof. Natalia Carbonell

“Tips & tricks for the good planner.”

Mgter. Myrian Casamassima

“Activando el aula: Juegos, gamificación y proyectos innovadores.”

Prof. Mariana Bosquet

“High Impact strategies to maximize teaching and learning.”

Prof. Paola Danesi

“The strange case of the boring textbook that ends up being fun.”

Mgter. Laura Aza

If you want to ask questions… Games + Movement Galore!

Mgter. Laura Aza & Prof. Natalia Carbonell

“Happy to work but worn out? Balancing work and life in the new teaching landscape.”

Lic. Cecilia Sassone

“I can hear with my little ear young learners in the pronunciation class.”

Mgter. Stella Palavecino

“Artificial intelligence: your new English language teaching assistant?”

Lic. Vicky Saumell

“Exploring the language of film to promote visual literacy.”

Lic. Romina Muse

“Empowering students: fostering creativity and growth mindset in our writing class.”

Lic. Brenda Pasarelli

Playing Jeopardy with teenagers for more effective language practice.

Dra. M. Rosa Mucci & Dra. Beatriz Castiñeira

“La educación del centauro. Cómo hace la humanidad para gestionar su propia creación.”

Prof. Mirta Pola Rossi

“Do you dream of students with a great pronunciation? Make your dreams come true!”

Lic. Santiago Mazzei

“Playful learning: why do educators need a pedagogy of play?”

Lic. Estefanía Chiosso

“Teaching grammar the creative way…an impossible feat?”

Prof. Paula Bernich

“What’s in the bag of a brain-friendly teacher?”

Mgter. Magalí Moser

“Struggling when Teaching Adult True Beginners? Don't suffer any more!”

Prof. Gilda Pinciroli

Cultivating happiness in the classroom: A practical guide to reshape our students’ brains.”

Mgter. Romina Marazita

“Finding our professional development path – some key considerations.”

Mgter. Teresita Curbelo

“Boosting learner autonomy through speaking.”

Mgter. Cecilia Bonavetti

“21st Century skills to foster agency.”

Prof. Marcela Danowski

“Dislexia en el aula de Inglés como Lengua Extranjera: Conectando patrones.”

Trad. Susana Borrelli

“How do I learn best? Promoting emotional safety in the classroom.”

Prof. Ingrid Landrein

“Tips, tools and techniques to make our lessons dyslexia-friendly.”

Mgter. Eugenia Ianiro

SPECIAL SECTION: Post-Covid classrooms