August 27th

New Trends in ELT
August 27th

4 Workshops


Mady Casco:


From cassettes to You Tube: Has the role of the EFL teacher changed at elementary and intermediate levels?


The Internet entices EFL teachers with innumerable resources downloadable with just a click to develop learners' listening comprehension skills. But once the mp3 file, podcast or video has been downloaded, even the most experienced teacher may be overcome with a feeling of uneasiness. Videos from You Tube or podcasts from different sites may work perfectly well with advanced learners but what about elementary and intermediate learners?

In this presentation, we will discuss the relevance of comprehensible input and scaffolding and the role of the EFL teacher when developing listening skills through authentic material with learners at lower levels.


Fabiana Parano:


Storytelling at all levels.


In this workshop, we will experience the art of Storytelling in an EFL situation and its impact on language learning. We will explore Jerome Bruner's Narrative Thinking Mode and its connection to the techniques applied when telling a story in an EFL classroom. We will work with concrete tools such as the use of body posture, tone of voice, facial expression, spatial orientation and choice of words as a means to transfer imagery.

Participants will get practical techniques to include Storytelling in their lessons.


Mady Casco:


How to teach a foreign language to adults from a

constructivist perspective.


Adult learners are very different from teenagers or children.This presentation will explain the main characteristics of adult learners and the difficulties they encounter when trying to learn a foreign language in a group. Furthermore, it will define the main issues that concern teachers when teaching adult learners: anxiety and inhibition . In a simulated class, you will experience a

real lesson designed for a real adult learner where a topic based approach has been implemented.


Gustavo Gonzalez

Say it with a story, tell it with a song!


Every student has an anecdote to recall, a tale to remember, a story to tell, a song to sing.

How can we, teachers, help them turn into words those images, memories, experiences and situations they have had with them since… Ever?! Here’s how! Engaging activities and great ideas that will get our students to tell, retell, present, comment and create stories using songs,

photographs, stories per se, movies and TV commercials that will push them to rise to the occasion and meet their own linguistic needs! Come to this workshop, for sure you will have a story to tell!



Venue: Sala de conferencias Hotel Colón - Colón 144 (esq. Alberdi) - Junín


Fee : Teachers $100.-

Students $ 60.-


Please, confirm attendance at asociacionprofesores@hotmail.com

Limited vacancies. Certificates of attendance will be issued.




8.30 - 9.30 Mady Casco: From Cassettes to You Tube: Has the role of the teacher changed?

Coffee break (on APrI)

9.45 - 11.45 Fabiana Parano: Storytelling at all levels.

Lunch break

13 - 14 Mady Casco :Teaching English to Adults from a Constructivist Perspective.

Coffee break (on APrI)

14.15 - 16.15 Gustavo Gonzalez: Say it with a story, tell it with a song.