And the winner might be?


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say to students, “Read this graded reader.  The story makes you want to read to the end to find out what happens!”  The judges for the 2011 Extensive Reading Foundation Learner Literature Awards have  selected the finalists from the 72 books nominated this year by 14 different publishers. The judges have found some books that learners would love to read.   Here are comments that judges made about some of the books:


An excellent storyline with very good development of characters, this story is pitched at the right level.  It will appeal to the major target group of readership, young adults. The issues in this book will have positive, lasting effects on readers. This book is hard to put down as it takes you on unexpected paths.


A clever story of a young girl who makes a time capsule for a school project. But something very unusual happens ….


This was one of the more interesting non-fiction readers we have come across for a long time. It will be of interest to most young adult readers.


Which books are they talking about?  They could be any of the finalists in the five categories: young learners, and adolescents and adults at beginner, elementary, intermediate, and upper Intermediate and advanced levels.  The nominees for each category are…


Young learners - Aladdin (Macmillan English Explorers), Animals In Art (Oxford Read and Discover), The Owl’s Song (Black Cat).


Adolescents and adults: Beginners – The Game (ILTS/ Hueber Verlag), Just So Stories (Black Cat), Under the Bridge (Pearson Longman Penguin Readers).


Adolescents and adults: Elementary – The Black Night (ILTS/Hueber Verlag), A Little Trouble in Dublin (Cambridge University Press), The Time Capsule (Helbling Readers).


Adolescents and adults: Intermediate  - The Everest Story (Oxford University Press), Leaving No Footprint (Oxford University Press), Not Above the Law (Cambridge University Press).


Adolescents and adults: Upper Intermediate and advanced - Dragons' Eggs (Cambridge University Press), A Lion Called Christian (Scholastic), Two Worlds (Cambridge University Press). 


Now we need to know what teachers and learners think of these books to help pick overall winners for each category.  Online voting opens in late April at http://www.erfoundation.org/erf/ and closes in July.   The winners will be announced in August.