The  23rd  ARGENTINA TESOL Convention will be held on Friday 6th  and Saturday 7th   May 2011 at Profesorado en Inglés de Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Avda. Triunvirato 3174, Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Tronador underground station – “B” line).

23rd   ARTESOL Annual Convention

Celebrating Professionalism in TESOL

Keynote Speakers:


Doctor Omar Villarreal – Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
Jeniffer Herrin M.A. – Department of State United States of America.

Licenciada Mónica Gandolfo – Universidad de Buenos Aires
Doctora Cristina Banfi – Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Magíster Ileana González – Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto


Concurrent Sessions (among many others!):


Sabrina Hax Duro Rosa
eaching English Through the Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Graciela Martín, Isabel Freyre, Liliana Palermo
Do it Online! Our E-teaching Experience

Eleonora Salas
Combining Teacher Education and Mentoring for Professional Development

Rosana Del Luján Greco
How To Use Epic Songs To Foster Intercultural Competence

Lêda Maria Braga Tomitch
Analyzing Vocabulary Activities in EFL Textbooks: Do They Foster Reading Comprehension?

Pablo L. Sosa
Tap into Pronunciation

Regina Helena Urias Cabreira
The female Condition in Society – a Re-reading of The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Ana Otero, Patricia Insirillo,  María Susana González

Reading Comprehension Assessment of University Undergraduates

María Claudia Albini  , Ana María Rocca, Edgardo Cianciaroso
Music Text Reading Based on an EAP Reading Processual Model

Tuero, Susana B., Diaz, Maria Gabriela

Do Illustrations Help or Hinder Reading Comprehension?

Mariana Ferrarelli

Media texts in the classroom: dissecting ideology and stereotypes

María Celeste Grimau

A Festival of Games

Celso Henrique Soufen Tumolo

Developing the various levels of Reading Comprehension: A Challenge for  Teachers

Timothy Reagan

Critical Pedagogy in TESOL: Transformative Potential and Practical Limits

Irene Gracia

Engaging, Empowering Evaluations.

María Susana González, María Claudia Albini, Ana María Rocca

Interrelation of Variables in Academic Reading

Silvia E. Benson - Jorge A. Sánchez

Formulating Questions to Understand Explicit and Implicit Textual Information

Maria Inés Valsecchi, Graciela Placci, Romina Picchio

Academic writing: A Model of a Cross-disciplinary Pedagogical Project

Mady Casco

How To Use “Mind Maps” To Speak Foreign Languages

Fabiana Parano

Telling Tales in L2



For more information, please, visit: http://www.artesol.org.ar

For registration, follow this link: http://www.artesol.org.ar/form23rd.php