APIBA SIGs Timetable

Year 12, No. 1 - April 2011


Dear all,


We would like to invite you to join the APIBA SIGs' sessions to be held in April. You can read the schedules and agendas below.

APIBA runs SIGs on relevant areas in the field of the teaching of English

If you have any questions regarding the existing SIGs or have a proposal for a SIG on a new field, feel free to contact us at sigs@apiba.org.ar  to find out about procedures and rules.

Please note that the 2011 SIGs calendar (all year’s sessions) is available at http://tinyurl.com/APIBASIGs-calendar2011


Best regards,

Viviana Myslicki and Romina Arena

APIBA SIGs Liaison Officers





SIGs Timetable: April 2011








WizIQ (online)
However, new members who are not well acquainted with the use of this platform can also meet face-2-face with some other SIGgers at

Profesorado en Inglés de la  Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Av. Triunvirato 3174, CABA



Members should bring their laptops / netbooks if they have one.  

Saturday April 9

9.00 to 10.30

1. New e-TL SIGgers' introduction
2. Recap on work done in 2010
3. 10-min Sharing: useful websites (all members) 
4. Moodle: presentation by Cecilia Cicollini and Daniela Tonelli

Professional Issues


Profesorado en Inglés de la  Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Av. Triunvirato 3174, CABA


Saturday April 9

10.00 to12.00


Lista tentativa de temas a tratar durante el año 2011


* Establecer diferencias entre: salarios / honorarios

actualización / codificación.

docente autónomo, en relación de dependencia / empleador

* Definir el término profesión docente ¿Qué constituye una profesión? Revisar desde la sociología de las profesiones.

* Profundizar la lectura de Estatuto del Docente de CABA / Prov de Buenos Aires / instituciones de gestión privada

Language &

Phonology SIG

Profesorado en Inglés de la  Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Av. Triunvirato 3174, CABA


Saturday April 9

11.00 to13.15


1- How Do You Say? Spot : as usual with new queries: the language of waxing: pierna entera, cavado, axila, bozo, etc.

2- Coffee break

3- Cultural Awareness Segment: Shopping. Bridget Jones (film). Confessions of a Shopaholic (novel).


Literature SIG

Profesorado en Inglés de la  Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Av. Triunvirato 3174, CABA


Saturday April 16

10.00 to 12.00

The Literature SIG members will work on and analyse the following novel:

R K Narayan’s The English Teacher

Methodology SIG

Liceo Cultural Británico
Granaderos 55, CABA

Saturday April 16

10.00 to 12.00

Discussion of:

1) Lessons from Good Language Learners (Edited by Carol Griffiths). Chapters 2 and 3.

The chapters of this book have been written by different authors who focus on several aspects of the teaching/learning process, highlighting the strategies used by ‘successful learners’ on the belief that by teaching those strategies to poorer learners, they might enhance their success record.


2) Psycholinguistics by Thomas Scovel, an introductory text into the field of psycholinguistics. Introduction and chapter 1.

Anybody willing to join us is welcome!




** NOTE **

a. Paid-up members of APIBA, b. members of paid-up FAAPI Associations, and c. teacher trainees can participate free of charge.

In ALL cases proof of status is required: a. and b. will be asked to produce their current receipt and c. their student card (last exam taken in current or previous academic year; otherwise bring "certificado de alumno regular"). All others: $20 contribution per session.

Pre-enrolment is not essential, but it is desirable. If possible, those interested in participating in SIG meetings please e-mail sigs@apiba.org.ar to confirm their attendance. Those who can't confirm, please come anyway.

To join the e-TL SIG, please contact sigs@apiba.org.ar For this online SIG, anyone who does not fit categories a), b) and c) above are asked to pay $140 as a token non-member contribution for the seven e-TL meetings of the year.

For further information please contact sigs@apiba.org.ar