Tools For Teachers Workshops
November and December 2010


Venues: workshops 1 and 2 at SBS Barrio Norte, Avda Cordoba 1840, CABA

                   workshops 3 and 4, SBS Palermo, Coronel Diaz 1747. CABA

Fees: $50 or $45(students) Any two workshops$78 or $70 (students)

Details on how to register, see way down below





Saturday, 27 November, 10:00-13:00 at SBS BARRIO NORTE, Cordoba 1840


Consider the following:

l        Is the pronunciation of the words SEW and SO the same or different?

l        How many ways are there to sound the word BOW and why?

l        Do the letters EO represent the same sound in words such as LEOPARD and LEOTARD?

l        How do you pronounce geographical names such as TUCSON, PLYMOUTH or VAUGHAN?

l        What different sounds do the letters OUGH represent?

l        Where does the main stress fall in words such as AUTHORITATIVE, FACILITATE, TRANSLATE, SYSTEMATIZE, ORGANIZE, etc.?


We will look at a considerable number of words which often cause difficulty even to advanced students because of some irregularities in the English spelling system. These words, as it were, seem to set a trap for the unwary student. We will indicate the correct pronunciation of these items, and we will supply participants with an answer sheet to the exercises.



Saturday, 27 November, 14:00 to 16:30, SBS BARRIO NORTE as above

Admission free but either non-perishable food or used clothes to be given to a charitable institution required.


You have probably heard about meditation and may have wondered what the whole thing is all about. Is it an esoteric discipline? Is it a New Age fad? Why should people engage in meditation?


The EXPERIENCING MEDITATION workshop aims not only to answer these questions but to give the participants a chance to experience it.


Some of the possible benefits of meditation:


Still, most sages suggest that prospective meditators should not engage in meditation expecting immediate physical benefits, in the same way they wouldm’t take a pill or undergo any kind of medical treatment and expect to be cured of their diseases instantly. The alleged physical benefits pointed out above are a possible by-product of meditation. The main reason for meditating, however, is to have an awareness that we are much more than just a body, to contact the quintessential nature of our beings, and to establish communication with the Divine. Put another way, it is said that when we pray we speak to God, when we meditate we make it possible for God to speak to us.


In the workshop EXPERIENCING MEDITATION: THE FIRST STEPS we explore different modalities, as it is likely that there is not ONE single way of meditating, given the diversity of human nature.



Saturday, 4 Decemb., 10:00 to 13:00, SBS PALERMO, Coronel Diaz 1747, CABA


How would you express the following in informal /colloquial American English?

1.      beer

2.      a cup of coffee

3.      very angry or upset

4.      person or thing that is remarkable

5.      a person who talks incessantly

6.      to say bad things about someone, criticize them

7.      with great intensity, vigor, successfuly

8.      to deceive or trick someone in order to make that person do sth.


We will examine about 100 expressions which originated in the U.S. but which in most cases have spread to the whole English speaking world, and we will distinguish them from those which are common mainly in the U.S.



Saturday, 4 Decenber, 14:00 to 17:00 at SBS PALERMO as above


We will explore ways to turn activities which are easy to implement into something creative, where students can make contributions of their own so that they can, as it were, translate their individuality through the target language. We will also revise the uses of dictogloss, letter cued recall exercises and traditional drills to get the most out of them. Throughout, the criteria for the choice of activities will be ease of use, lack of costly devices to put them into practice and maximum linguistic returns.


All of the workshops will be conducted by



Profesor en Inglés with the Magna Cum Laude distinction, Universidad  Nacional de Tucumán. Master of Arts, University of Lancaster, post graduate studies, University of Texas, Fulbright and British Council Scholar. He has taught at the Universidad Católica de Salta, Universidad  Nacional  de Santiago del Estero, and Universidad  Nacional de Rio Cuarto. He was on the Advisory Panel for the Macmillan English Dictionary, 1st edition. He is an NLP Master Practitioner, Certificate of Completion, NLP University, California, and a certified administrator of the MBTI, Florida. He is also a co/founder of what is FAAPI today, and co/founder and first president of ASPI, Asoc. Salteña de Profesores de Inglés  He has trained extensively in bodywork and is a certified Breema, Jin Shin Jyutsu, reflexology and massage practitioner as well as an Instructor in Esferodinamia Terapeutica. He is also knowledgeable about Thai Massage, Polarity and Chi-Lel.


Certificates of attendance will be issued


How to register:


To reserve a seat send an email to newtoolsforteachers@yahoo.com.ar    with your full name, address and telephone numbers indicating the name of the workshop or workshops, the date and the venue you want to attend. You will then receive an acknowledgment of pre-registration, which will enable you to pay the fee a short while before the workshop takes place, i.e. in SBS Barrio Norte , or SBS Palermo. The addresses of these branches of SBS are given above.