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Year 6                Number 140            January 31st 2005

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It is a real pleasure for both Marina and I to invite all our dear SHARERS to the Third Annual Conference on Applied Drama to be held in Buenos Aires on February 21st, 22nd and 23rd of February and a real privilege for SHARE to sponsor this unique event that the Buenos Aires Players offer annually to the ELT community of Latin America.

There is no doubt that Celia Zubiri has won for herself and her theatre company a position of leadership in Educational Drama in our country and that each new edition of this Conference is a confirmation of her professionalism and her devotion to the field.

Those of us who are honoured by her friendship know of how much effort and commitment go into the organization of this event and as ELT professionals are fully convinced of the beneficial effects that this Conference will have not only for the ELT drama specialists but for the profession as a whole.

We really hope to see many of you at the Conference!


Omar and Marina

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