An Electronic Magazine by Omar Villarreal and Marina Kirac Đ

Year 5                Number 132            July 20th  2004

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being SHARED

Itīs Friendīs Day. There are so many things we would like to SHARE with all of you! We chose two.
Hereīs the first one: this inspiring story about the rewards of true friendship. When you finish reading it, you will find our second present.


Once upon a time, a man was travelling with his horse and his dog. When they passed by a huge tree, lightning struck and all three were killed.

Not realising that they was dead, their souls continued the journey. They walked up a hill and they were tired and thirsty. Soon, they reached a beautiful place which had a marble gateway and fountain sprouting crystal clear water.
"Good morning" the traveller greeted the guard at the gateway.
"Good morning," he replied.
"What place is this?"
"This is Heaven."
"It's beautiful. I am glad to come here. Can I have a drink?"
"Sure, help yourself."
But when the traveller moved forward with his horse and dog, the guard stopped him, saying, "Sorry, animals are not allowed in here."
The traveller was very much disappointed. For although he was very thirsty, he did not want to drink without his companions. They decided to move on.
Some distance further uphill, they came upon another gateway, plain looking compared to the marble one. It led to a rocky path lined with trees. A man there was resting beneath a tree, apparently a sleep.
"Good morning," the traveller greeted him.
He nodded, not saying a word.
"Is there a place we can get a drink?" the traveller asked. "My horse, my dog and I are very thirsty."
"There is a stream behind those rocks over there," the man pointed.
They went ahead and refreshed themselves. They returned and thanked the man. The traveller asked, "By the way, what place is this?"
"This is Heaven," the man replied.
The traveller was surprised. "But the guard at the marble gateway said that was Heaven."
"Don't let him fool you," the man said. "That place is Hell."
"Well, I was nearly fooled," the traveller said. "You should not allow the people there to abuse your name. You know, wrong information can lead to a lot of confusion."
"Actually, they are doing us a great favour," the man at Heaven's gate said. "Because the people who stay on in Hell have proved that they are willing to abandon their friends."
Adapted from a story by Paolo Coelho.
And hereīs our second humble present:
A BIG BEAR HUG to show you how much we love you
Happy Friendīs Day!
Omar, Marina, Martin and Sebas.