An Electronic Magazine by Omar Villarreal and Marina Kirac (c)

Year 2          Number 37      September 17th   2000

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being SHARED.


A great teacher has left us and in a way we are all a little bit poorer today because he is not among us any longer. A beloved and respected teacher died last week : George Lewis.  He was no doubt a great lecturer, simple and unconceited, but most of all he was the kind of "teacher" and "human being" most of us would like to be remembered as.
He was a man deeply committed to the profession and as a helmsman for FAAPI, he managed to take the ship to safe harbour in one of the darkest hours of the Federation, but most of all, he did that humbly and unpretentiously.
Many things could be said about him now but we are sure he would not, as the true and ultimate gentleman he was. like to hear that much. As a tribute to him and to all the true teachers like him, we wanted to dedicate these simple lines to his
loving memory.  
1.- The moral of the story.
2.- Workshops by Vic Richardson in Buenos Aires. 
3.- Social Values Seminar in Catamarca.
4.- Love Quotes from the Movies.
5.- "T.S.Eliot" announces Dave Allan.
6.- Special Interest Groups in Rosario
7.- Wise Crackers for Smart Cookies.
8.- Buenos Aires Players announce new production 
9.- Harán Cambios en los Institutos Terciarios.  
10.-Licenciaturas : A Waste of Time ? 
11- Academic Activities for Litoral.
12- Evenings of Theatre. 
13- Awful Authors.
14- Jeremy Harmer in Tucumán.   
15- An Invitation from Macmillan Heinemann ELT.
16- Business English Teaching Certificate.
17- Cambridge University Press Coming Events.
18- Cómo Aprenden los Adultos.  
19- Good News from Longman.    
20.-New Electronic Magazine : RT News


Our dear friend and SHARER, Annie Altamirano ,, from
Punta Alta, Province of Buenos Aires sends us this story :  
The teacher gave her fifth-grade class an assignment: Get their parents to tell them a story with a moral in it.
Next day, Kathy said, "My father's a farmer, and we have a lot of egg-laying hens. One time we were taking eggs to market in a box on the front seat of the truck, when we hit a bump and a lot of them broke and made a mess."
"So, what's the moral of the story," asked the teacher.
"Don't put all your eggs in one basket."
Another child, Lucy, told her story. "Our family are farmers too. But we raise chickens for the meat market. We had 16 eggs one time, but when they hatched, we only got 10 live chicks.
And the moral to this story is: "don't count your chickens until they hatch."
"That was fine," said the teacher.
"Now, Johnny, do you have a story too?"
"Yes, ma'am. My daddy told me about my Aunt Karen. She was a flight engineer in Desert Storm in Iraq and her plane got hit. She had to bail out over enemy territory. All she had was a bottle of whiskey, a machine gun and a machete. She drank the whiskey on the way down so it wouldn't break.
Then she landed in the middle of 100 enemy troops. She killed 70 with the machine gun until she ran out of bullets. She hacked 20 more with the machete until the blade broke. And she killed the last 10 with her bare hands."
"Good heavens!" exclaimed the horrified teacher. "What kind of moral did your daddy tell you was in this terrible story?"
"Never get near Aunt Karen when she's been drinking."
A dear SHARER, Virginia Lombardi Director of Studies at ILC. Learning Centre Institute invites all SHARERS to two workshops to be conducted by
Vic Richardson
Workshop 1  Energising and motivating students
Highly practical, enjoyable, 'heads out of books' activities which can help charge batteries and help make learning engaging and enjoyable.

Workshop 2 :   Teaching Speaking
A  practical and experiential  workshop to explore different procedures to help our students improve their fluency and more accurately
Monday, 18th:  9:00 to 12:00 Workshops 1 & 2                                        
Venue: Universidad del Salvador
Enrolment: USAL: 4371-8346 Contact: Dr Hector Valencia
Monday, 18th:  6:00 to 9:00 p.m.  Workshops 1 & 2
Venue: Colegio Mac Nab Bernal Saladillo 5252- Cdad de Buenos Aires-       Enrolment: ILC Av. Cruz 6699- Cdad de Buenos Aires- Te-Fax:   4602-6555  e-mail:
Tuesday, 19th: UCA-9:00 to 12:00 
Venue: UCA- Puerto Madero-
Enrolment : UCA : Fax: 4349-0444 e-mail:
Vic Richardson  is Director of Education for Embassy CES UK, and Director of the International Teacher Training Institute in the UK and the USA.  He is Joint Chief Assessor for the University of Cambridge CELTA. He has just published Clockwise Pre-Intermediate (OUP) with Bruce McGowen.

Our very dear friend from Catamarca, Miriam Fernandez,writes to us to announce two teacher-friendly workshops on the whys and hows of working with values in the English language classroom :

Social Values in the Classroom  Friday 20 October  6:00  to 9:00 pm 

Music and Songs for Social Values   Saturday 21 October  9:00 to 12:00 am

Ricardo Sampedro, former OUP ELT manager and a graduate translator wil be workshop leader in these two workshops you cannot afford to miss. The events are organized by Departamento de Inglés de la UNCA, Asociación Cooperadora del Laboratorio de Idiomas, Asociación Catamarqueña de Profesores de Inglés and Education for a Change.
Venue : Facultad de Humanidades UNCA- Avda Belgrano 300 Catamarca
Fees : $8 until September 30th, $ 10 until October 15th and $12 until October 20th Registration : Facultad de Humanidades (Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m) Prof. Miriam Fernandez or TPN Carolina
Ferraresi . Mail :  Telephone : 433088 - 430277- 424362
Our dear SHARER from Las Palmas, Córdoba, Christian Duarte Varela sends
us a most romantic message with love quotes taken from the movies.
Thank Chris for your contribution !

"I guarantee it won't be easy.
I guarantee that at one point or another
one of us is going to want to leave.
But I also guarantee that if I don't ask you to be mine
I am going to regret it for the rest of my life.
Because I know in my heart
You are the only one for me. "  
The Runaway Bride

"The only wrong thing would be
To deny what your heart truly feels." 
The Mask of Zorro

" How come we don't always know when love begins,
But we always know when it ends ? " 
L.A. Story

"The only feeling of real loss
Is when you love someone
More than you love yourself."     
Goodwill Hunting

"You cannot find true love where it does not truly exist
And you cannot hide it where it truly does." 
Kissing a Fool

"When you realise you want to spend
The rest of you life with somebody,
You want the rest of your life
To start as soon as possible."   
When Harry met Sally

"You will see a lot of things, but they will mean nothing to you
If you lose sight of the thing you love."      
At First Sight

"When you love someone,
And you love them with your heart,
It never disappears
When you're apart.
And when you love someone
And you've done all you can do,
You set them free,
And if that love was true ....
When you love someone
It will all come back to you."       
Forget Paris

"Will you love me for the rest of my life ?
I'll love you for the rest of mine."      

I would rather have had one breath of her hair,
One kiss from her mouth,
One touch of her hand,
Than eternity without it. One !!     
City of Angels

I love you without knowing how, why ....
Or even from where ....             
Patch Adams 
Our very dear SHARER, Claudia Ferradás Moi , Co-Director of T.S. Eliot Bilingual Studies, writes to us to announce a series of seminars by ELT specialist, Dave Allan. Allan is well known and well loved in our country which he started visiting, (if we are not mistaken) as from the 2nd FAAPI Convention back in the 70´s in Tucumán .
Wednesday, September 20, 9:00 - 11.15 a.m.
Testing Listening Skills
T.S.Eliot Bilingual Studies - Alem 1380 - Banfield - Pcia Buenos Aires
Tel. / fax: 011 - 4202 - 3672
Fee: $15 . S.E.A. members: $10
Saturday, September 23, 8.45 a.m. to 12.45 p.m
Teacher Self-Development: becoming the best teacher I can be
Testing Listening Skills in ELT: a neglected but important area.”
Postgraduate Centre Seminar - Rosario
Venue: St. Bartholomew's Hall Tucumán 1257 - Rosario
Registrations: Post-Graduate Centre Córdoba 836 - Rosario Phone/Fax: 0341-4243976
Fees: $ 15 - $ 10 (P.G.C. members and students)
Monday, September 25, 9.00 a.m. –12 noon 
Testing Listening Skills 
ESSARP (English Schools Scholastic Association of the River Plate)
Esmeralda 672 7º piso - City of Buenos Aires
Tel: (011) 4322-2480


Our very dear friend, Nora Séculi, President of APrIR (Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Rosario) writes to us to announce the updated calendar for their Special Interest Groups which have been meeting with well deserved success:

Methodology SIG
Coordinators: Graciela Castelli and Giselle Carné -
Meetings : once a month, on Tuesdays from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.
Language SIG
Coordinators: Magdalena P. de Botto and Silvia Arberas -
Meetings: once a month, on Fridays from 4:15 to 6:15 p.m. -
Coordinators : Graciela R. de Calatroni and Elsa D. de Galaretto. 
Meetings : once a month, on Saturdays from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
APrIR SIGS  Liaison Officer:  Beatriz Pesado Castro de Garófalo . To join the
group of your choice, please contact Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Rosario at APrIR offices : Buenos Aires 1127 (PB"A") Telephone : (0341) 4400624 - e mail : 
A very dear friend Andrea Coviella sends us these wisecrackers for the weekend :
IT ISN'T WHETHER YOU WIN OR LOSE but how you place the blame

CRIME WOULDN'T PAY if the Government ran it

SILENCE IS GOLDEN so shut up and listen                   



if they were perfect you'd be working for them

pay makes a hosewife

A FRIEND IN NEED is a friend to avoid
pick the one you´ve never tried before 
Our dear friend Celia Zubiri writes to us to announce the THE BS.AS. PLAYERS'  forthcoming production. No doubt a play not to be missed ! :
Lady Windermere's Fan  by Oscar Wilde adapted an directed by Celia Zubiri
Cast: Edward Jarvis - Willy Ruano - Sebastián Bottazzini
        Alejandra Allende - Maite Nuñez - María Ana Luchetti
Opening Night: September, Friday 29th at 7PM - Teatro de La Comedia,
Rodríguez Peña 1074- Tel: 011-4812-5307 / 4814-5455.
Performances: Fridays 7:00 pm (during October and November)
Tickets : $10 - For groups of ten people or more, $8-
The following is a quote from an article published in "La Nación"  of September 8th 2000. We thought it would be of interest to all SHARERS in Argentina : 
El Gobierno anunció que  pondrá  en  marcha  un  plan  para que los institutos  de formación docente pasen  a  tener  una  organización similar a la de las universidades.
Eso  implicara,  a  partir  del  consenso  con  las  jurisdicciones provinciales  y  los  propios  institutos, la creación  de  un  sistema  de cogobierno,  con  la  participación  de  profesores  y  estudiantes. La propuesta,  prevé  desarrollar  un  proceso  de autonomía en la  gestión  y selección de los planes de estudios.

"Los  institutos    docentes    fueron    siempre  una  especie  de
laboratorios, en los  que  se ponían a prueba experiencias pedagógicas y se
renovaba la educación.   Eso,  lamentablemente, se perdió y es lo que ahora
intentamos  recuperar",  explico Edith Litwin,  coordinadora  del  Programa
Nacional  de Formación Docente, quien procura  rescatar  lo  mejor  de  las
tradiciones pedagógicas argentinas, surgidas en la etapa de la organización
del país con la creación de la primera escuela normal, fundada en Paraná en
En  la  Argentina  hay  actualmente  1102  institutos  de formación docente, a los que se suman 112 de formación artística. De los primeros, 581  son  estatales  y 521 privados.  Entre todos reúnen una  matricula  de 239.814  alumnos  (228.217 en los institutos de educación común y 11.597 en los de  enseñanza  artística),  de  los  cuales  el  70%  cursa  en  los establecimientos estatales.
La propuesta  se  complementa  con  un  proyecto de ley remitido al Congreso, por el  cual  se  permitirá  a  los  egresados  de los institutos docentes  acreditar sus estudios  en  las  universidades  para  que  puedan incorporarse a las carreras de grado y de Posgrado.
El subsecretario de Educación Básica, Gustavo Iaies advirtió que la nueva  organización de la formación docente  permitirá  orientar  mejor  la matricula,  dado  que  hoy el 60% de  los  estudiantes  del  magisterio  se inscribe  en  la  educación inicial y en los  dos  primeros  ciclos  de  la Educación  General  Básica  (de primero a sexto grado), "donde  el  sistema menos los necesita".

Se  impulsara, por ello, la formación de nuevos profesores para  el secundario.  "Actualmente, el 10% de los docentes que dictan clases  en  la enseñanza  media no posee el titulo de profesor", comento Iaies al sostener la necesidad de fortalecer la capacitación.  
A dear and active SHARER from Zárate, Mónica Mourrut de Beauverger, sends us this article published in the "Buenos Aires Herald" on August 29th 2000, which we reproduce verbatim : 
"In a recent interview the Minister of Education, Juan José LLach told The Herald that those teachers who are studying a Licenciatura ( an articulation degree which promises to upgrade teachers´tertiary degrees) were losing their time, because the law which he submitted to Congress- that entails the reform of
Article 39- will as he says "eventually be passed" .
Aricle 39 of the Higher Education Law was passed on July 21st, 1995 (Law nunber 24,521). Ever since that day, graduates from Teaching Training Colleges
have been struggling to obtain the reform of this law that states : "To have access to poastgraduate training a University degree is required". This law - which Llach referred to as one that "segregated teachers" - also ceased to eanable tertiary graduates toteach beyond what used to be the third year of the old secondary system unless they also have a University degree.
Although we can´t back the concept that any time spent on studying is "lost time", we know that the majority of EFL teachers are undergoing their studies for merely bureaucratic purposes, Silvina Gvirtz, Head of the Escuela de Educación of the Universidad de San Andrés, believes that many private universities took advantange of an unfortunate situation for teachers. " 
The article then goes on to explain the scheme that Universidad de San Andrés is currently offering to teachers, as they say " while they wait for Llach´s law to pass Congress". It basically consists of an intermediate post-graduate degree programme at university level ( that all 4 year tertiary degree holders can join) of nine subjects and only one integrated exam, after which teachers can go on to
attend five more subjects and write their thesis to obtain the Masters degree.
Our very dear friend Susana Berutti from Advice Bookshop in Santa Fé sends us their Calendar with Academic events  which different institutions have organized for the Santa Fé and Entre Ríos area. For more information on these events, please contact Advice Bookshop or 0342-4533392 
26 September 2000 - 6:00 9:00 p.m
Facultad de Ingeniería Química - Santa Fé
Mixed Ability Teaching: transforming failure to success
There is no failure , only a cry for help. How can we make the most of diversity in the EFL class ?
Speaker: Luke Prodromou
Admission FREE
27 September 2000-  10:00 a.m.
Asociación Argentina de Cultura Inglesa de Paraná
Teaching the Exam Class: Testing or Teaching?
All teachers currently teaching Cambridge Examination classes especially invited
Speaker: Luke Prodromou 
Teacher and teacher trainer with the British Council in Greece, author of several books, his most recent textbooks include "FCE Star" and "Rising Star" (Macmillan Heinemann ELT)
Admission FREE  - Registration:  ESSENTIAL
3 October 2000 - 5.30 to 8.30 p.m.
Facultad de Ingeniería Química - Santa Fé
Grammar and Learner Development
This talk  will reveal that teaching grammar is closely linked with learner development and is therefore an essential component of a communicative
Project Work in ELT
A practical means of combining effective language learning with the educational development of the pupil.
Speaker : Tom Hutchinson
Associate Director of the Institute for English Language Education at Lancaster University. Author of "Project English", Hotline,  Lifelines, , and the most recent Project.
9 - 10 November 2000 - San  Justo - Santa Fé
1ras. Jornadas de Educación
Disertantes invitados:
Dra. Edith Litwin (UBA), Mag. Mariana Maggio (UBA)
Prof. Susana Celman (UNER), Prof. Ma. Teresa González Cuberes
Prof. Gloria Edelstein (UNC), Prof. Daniel Fernández (UNL)
Equipo de Investigación Marina Vilte (CETERA) y del IRICE (Rosario)
Investigaciones educativas realizadas desde cualquier campo disciplinar.
Las prácticas docentes como objeto de la investigación educativa.
La tecnología educativa en el marco de la nueva agenda de la didáctica.
Plazo presentación de trabajos: 30 de septiembre de 2000
Plazo inscripción: 30 de octubre de 2000
Los Departamentos de Capacitación y Departamento de Investigación del Instituto Superior de Profesorado Nº 20 y de la Escuela Normal Superior Nº 31.
Our dear SHARER Albert Canil of THe Suburban Players invites all SHARERS to their :
a presentation convened by Isabella Entwistle which includes song and dance, scenes and scketches, poetry and play reading by the following performers: Anne Henrym Rosemary Morton, Susan Hillyard, Nick Martin, Isabella Entwistle and 
Albert Canil 
Date : September 22nd - 9:00 p.m.
Venue : "The Playhouse" - Moreno 80 - San Isidro
Tickets : $10 - Reservations : 4784-8275 or 4725-0841
A very dear SHARER Adriana M. Benvenuto who is currently studying towards her Masters degree at Soka University of America,  sends us this list of "Awful Authors and their Works" which she calls  "a rather childish and thoroughly enjoyable form of punning" : 
The Music of Handel by Aaron G. String
Religion by Abel Lever
Big White Bird by Albert Ross
Sorry! by Anna Poloji
The Solitary Beast by Annie Malone
The Singer by Barry Tone
The Blessing by Benny Dixon 
The Tightrope Walker by Betty Falls
Urban Areas by Bill Tupp
English Breakfast by Chris P. Bacon and Ann Negg
That's Life by Cilla Vee
The Lion-Tamer by Claud Face
The Poker Player by Delia Cards
Prehistoric Reptiles by Dinah Soar and Terry Dactyl
The Building by Eddy Fiss
Through the Open Window by Eileen Doubt
The Visitor by Enoch Zatador
The Broken Window by Eva Brick
The End Of The Week by Gladys Friday
Under Arrest by Hank Uft
Make Your Home Secure by Havelock Smith
The Tudor Banquet by Henrietta Knox
Lady Godiva by Honor Whitesteed
Frankenstein Meets Dracula  by Horace Tory
King Kong by Hugh Jape
I'll Follow by Hugo First
Reminiscence by Ira Member
Singing In The Rain  by Ivor MacIntosh
The Commuter by Jocelyn Train
Make 'em Laugh by Joe King
At The Eleventh Hour by Justin Time
Fried Chicken by Ken Tucky
Slimming by Lena Boddy
Keeping The Peace by Lorne Order
Quoting Hamlet by Maureen Soroth, Annie Nanga
Having Fun  by Meryl Lee
The Gardener by Moses Lawn
Our dear friend and SHARER , Adriana Barrionuevo , Head of the English
Department at Escuela Normal en Lenguas Vivas "J. B. Alberdi" invites all
SHARERS to a Seminar by renowned author Jeremy Harmer to take place next
next Tuesday 19th September from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm at Hotel del Jardín in San Miguel de Tucumán.  A fee of $ 20 will be charged.
Registration : at Escuela Normal: telephone : 0381 - 4220607 or 4212873  (vice-dirección) - E-mail: 
Our dear friends at Macmillan Heinemann ELT would like to invite all SHARERS to a Dunn and Stapley Seminar in Buenos Aires . This most entertaining duo of
native speakers will surely delight the audience with those words and phrases non-native speakers often find so difficult to cope with. There will also be a special
session with "Songs and Stories my mother never taught me" . The event will take place next Saturday 23rd 2000 from 9:00 to 13:00 hours at Conde 1990
Belgrano and will include a presentation of the New Wonderland Series and Wonderful World Series by Macmillan Heinemann ELT. 
The event is free of charge but registration is essesntial. Please contact : 
Macmillan Heinemann ELT (011) 4711-5111 or Pierre
Stapley (0341) 4249122 -   
A dear SHARER Alejandra Jorge, Director of Studies of CAIT writes to us :
Dear Omar and Marina
Congratulations on the organization of the Necochea Congress ! 
Following the successful presentation of the FBTE course (Foundation Certificate for Teachers of Business English) at the IAM in Mendoza, we are now presenting 
a shorter version for busy teachers. So here it is, to share with all the other Business English SHARERS...
Foundation Certificate for Teachers of Business English (FTBE)
A New shorter Course for Busy Experienced Teeachers : 24 contact hours plus
16 Distance hours :
From 22 September through 10 November - Fridays 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. 
Cost : three $ 65 installments - reservation of vacancy : $ 40
The course is specifically designed to expand the repertoire of classroom activities and techniques and help build up a substantial file of usable and expandable Business English material.

Lecturers: ( Approved trainers by the LCCIEB)

Ms. Alejandra Mercedes Jorge

Ms. Adriana Ruiz de Arcaute

Please Contct : 4311-8544 or 4314-2583 e-mail




Our dear friends from Cambridge University Press announce the following presentations TEACHING CHILDREN VS. TEACHING ADOLESCENTS AND ADULTS to be delivered by prestigious lecturer Dr Herbert Puchta.


Monday September 18th, from 5 pm to 8.30 pm
Instituto Cultural de Mendoza - Necochea 552, Ciudad Mendoza
Enrolment: 0261 4257571 / 4257355
Tuesday September 19th, from 5 pm to 8.30 pm
Asociación Argentina de Cultura Británica - Hipólito Yrigoyen 496, Córdoba
Enrolment: 0351 4691000 / 4681995
Wednesday September 20th, from 5 pm to 8 pm.
Colegio La Salle - Mendoza 444, Rosario
Enrolment  0341 4498892 / 4494993 ; fax: 4400859 ; e-mail: ;
Monday September 25th, from 5:00 pm to 8.30 pm
Hilet College - Córdoba 3197, Mar del Plata
Enrolment: Bookshop: 0223 4736567
Tuesday September 26th, from 5:00 pm to 8.30 pm
Biblioteca Bernardino Rivadavia - Av. Colón 31, Bahía Blanca
Enrolment: 0291 4521493; fax: 4553127; e-mail: Asociación Bahiense de Cultura Inglesa
Other CUP Talks and Book Presentations in October 2000 :
Authentic Assessment in Effective Foreign Language Education
Paula Gelemur, Senior Educational Representative
Enrolment: Instituto Santa Mónica, 4241-2667,
21/10/00 14.30 –15.10 UNIVERSIDAD DEL MUSEO SOCIAL ARGENTINO Book Presentation : Objective First Certificate
Paula Gelemur, Senior Educational Representative
Enrolment: Instituto Santa Mónica, 4241-2667,

The following is an excerpt of the article published in the Spanish journal "Visión Educativa" Issue 7 by Beatriz Candelero López :

 "A fines de los años 50, los educadores europeos acuñaron el termino "Androgogía" , derivado de la palabra griega Anere=Adulto y Agrocus= Conductor de la enseñanza, para determinar el estudio y aplicación de la educación de los adultos, diferenciándose de la "Pedagogía", derivado del griego Paidos=Niños y Agein=Guiar, que se concibe como el arte de educar a los niños.

Teniendo como fundamento lo anterior, es necesario tomar en cuenta al diseñar programas de aprendizaje destinados para adultos, sus necesidades y
expectativas, en virtud de que no podemos educar al adulto usando las mismas técnicas que utilizamos con los niños.
El primer lugar, es importante reconocer que los adultos poseen experiencias (como punto de partida para la incorporación de nuevos conocimientos), información, habilidades y valores que han venido adquiriendo y desarrollando en su vida cotidiana. Aunado a lo anterior, es imprescindible conducir el proceso educativo, a través de una Metodología predominantemente activa y colectiva, el la cual prevalezcan momentos de discusión sobre problemas generados a partir de la interacción del adulto con objetos, hechos y personas.
Una de las ultimas metodologías aplicadas en Educación para Adultos bajo este enfoque y desarrollada a través de las asesorías, consiste en aplicar tres etapas interrelacionadas una de otras.
Descubrimiento, esta etapa se desarrolla al inicio de la sesión, consiste en hacer que los adultos reflexionen y rescaten las experiencias y los conocimientos que tienen sobre el tema de estudio a tratar en la sesión de asesoría.
Aprendizaje, es la segunda etapa del proceso, consiste en que los adultos se remitan al libro de texto y en particular al tema. 
Aplicación, es la última etapa y su desarrollo permite reiniciar nuevamente el proceso, tratar de dar una aplicación práctica a todo lo aprendido, en la vida diaria de los adultos.
Ahora bien, siendo el propósito en el aprendizaje de los adultos la pertinencia de los contenidos educativos; la destreza con que éstos se desarrollen o se apliquen deben estar en razón directa con el tipo de actividades que el adulto realiza y con las experiencias directas de su contexto familiar, social, cultural y laboral; esto permite delinear situaciones y secuencias didácticas significativas para los adultos; por lo que en la enseñanza de éstos no existe un camino único y lineal para que los sujetos aprendan, los caminos pueden no ser los mismos entre los
diferentes grupos de adultos según su contexto.
Por otro lado, es primordial que el educador de los adultos conozca al sujeto que asesora, comprendiendo el conjunto de variables que en situaciones concretas inciden en el aprendizaje; por ejemplo: problemas de índole familiar, desconfianza de su capacidad cognoscitiva, limitaciones socioculturales, temor al ridículo, ritmo de aprendizaje lento, entre otros. 
En síntesis: los asesores deben tomar en cuenta la vinculación entre intereses, experiencias concretas y producción de saberes por parte del adulto, para planear las actividades educativas considerando que cada adulto-educando tiene su propia historia.  
 After the outstanding success of the Annual Longman Conference held at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers yesterday, the Pearson (Longman) Team announce the following Admission Free talks and book presentations for the coming weeks. Heartfelt congratulations to the whole team !! :
Sat 23th September
9:00hs to 12:30hs
Inst. Argentino de Cult. Inglesa de Berazategui
Calle 149 Nº 1354 -  Berazategui
Nurturing Teenager Motivation in Learning EFL
Enrolment: 4256-9819
Sat 30th September 
16:00hs to 18:30hs
EGB Nº 49 (Ex Normal) - Plaza 23 de Noviembre s/n -  San Nicolás
Nurturing Teenager Motivation in Learning EFL
Enrolment : Items Libros - Nación 498 San Nicolás Tel: (03461) 450164
Fri 6th October  -
17:30hs to 20.30hs
Nurturing Teenager Motivation in Learning EFL
Enrolment: Tel: (0381) 4212039 -  4222063-  4217600 - 4321956- 4251920
Sat 7th October -
9:30hs to 13:00hs
Inst. Superior de Formación Docente Nº 5 Sacalabrini Ortiz 472
Nurturing Teenager Motivation in Learning EFL
Enrolment : Librería Let´s - Azcuénaga 170 - Pergamino - (02477) 429886
Sat 14th October  -
9:30hs to 12:30hs
Asoc. Arg. de Cultura Inglesa de Santa Fe - Monseñor Zaspe 2790
Nurturing Teenager Motivation in Learning EFL
Stories in the Language Classroom- the Password to Effective  Learning
Enrolment : Advice Bookshop San Martín 3031 - (0342) 4533392
Our dear friends and SHARERS, Jamie Duncan and Laura Szmuch have just published issue Number 2 of their electronic magazine RT News (after Resourceful Teaching). This e-zine "A Magazine on Neurolinguistic Programming in Education" is publish fortnighly and is distributed free of charge to thos who
subscribe to it. To do this, just send an e-mail to :
The magazine contains tips, articles, suggestions and news connected with NLP.
A most welcome contribution to our ELT scene . Congratulations tor their editors, our very dear friends Jamie and Laura !!
 Another issue of SHARE draws to its end. Many, many thanks to all those beautiful Teacher´s Day messages we received, to all those people that accompanied Omar on his tours this week, to all of our more than 4000 SHARERS that week after week keep the flame of SHARE burning. Again today
we would like to say goodbye with a short but moving message our dear friend and
SHARER, Mechy Miguel sent to us :
Dear Omar and Marina,

I really enjoy reading SHARE. I felt for  a while, like in classroom again, I feel the dust of the lovely chalk in my hand, I see faces, waiting for my next word, I hear the bell, I walk again through those paths.

While a read SHARE, I just travel in time, back to my clasrroom, back to that world which not even the best writer, without a few days in a class, feeling the class, smelling the class, could ever describe.

Thanks for SHARE.

Mercedes Miguel
Omar and Marina


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SHARE is distributed free of charge. All announcements in this electronic magazine are also absolutely free of charge. We do not endorse any of the services announced.




 -maiI addresses will be withheld, unless the people or institutions concerned explicitly express in their postings to us their wish to have their electronic address published.

If a friend wishes to receive this page tell him or her to send an e-mail to us with his or her details. We love to hear from the people with whom we SHARE but for subscription purposes NAME and CITY are enough. All other details are welcome. 

SHARE is distributed free of charge. All announcements in this electronic magazine are also absolutely free of charge. We do not endorse any of the services announced.