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Year 2          Number 7      January 1st  2000
Here we go again just before starting our holidays. Thank you all for all your mail with your CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR WISHES.
They made the SEASON brighter and made us feel really pampered to have so many well-wishers writing to our family. THANKYOU ALL !
Here are some pieces of news we wanted to share with you before leaving :
We got a posting from Leda Siburu, a small great colleague from APrIR,
who warns us of a number of new viruses. Leda says they often come as
attachments in e-mails and should be deleted immediately without opening
them. Here´s Leda´s list : 

1) buddylst.exe
2) calcu18r.exe
3) deathpr.exe
4) einstein.exe
5) happ.exe
6) happy99.exe
7) japanese.exe
8) keypress.exe
9) kitty.exe
10) teletubb.exe

Thanks Leda !! We´ll be on the alert .

Leda Siburu -

Before Christmas, APrIR President and a great friend of ours Nora Séculi
visited us ( She was in B.A for meeting of the Executive Committee of FAAPI ) and brought us the last issue of THE APrIR JOURNAL (already in its fifth
year of publication ! ). A most welcome present with very authoritative articles
and the delicious sections "Puzzle it out" and "Semantically yours". No doubt a great effort that cannot be praised enough. 
Nora Séculi -
(4) SALTA 2000
Dear Omar,
Congratulations on SHARE. I enjoy reading it because odf its transparency and
immediacy. I like the contributions our colleagues have sent in. You are doing a
brilliant job in bringing us together. Full marks to you !
At this stage, I would like to share with readers of SHARE good news for language lovers. In conjunction with ASPI, Asociación Salteña de Profesores de
CONFERENCE to be held on June 16-18, 2000 . Phrasals, idioms, collocations,
advanced lexis, varieties of spoken English, journalistic English, world Englishes, and discourse mananagement will be some of the areas to be covered.
The conference will be both serious and lighthearted and fundamentally experiential. Well known personalities from leading Teacher Training Colleges
in Argentina and abroad are being contacted. There will also be a round table
discussion on the teaching of language at TTC level, and I would hereby like to
invite you, Omar, to chair it.
This is it for now. Further details will soon be forthcoming. Those who are desperate now can contact ASPI through
or phone ASPI´s President, Ana Triboli, 0387- 4 39 4469 or Oriel Vilagarcía
Fax 011 4 773 1779 or e-mail at
All the best
Oriel Villagarcía
I would like to thank SBS and ASPI for their kind invitation and can only say I
will be honoured to be there among you in June.

(5) TUCUMAN 2000 -

Dear Omar,

We receive your SHARES at the Lola Mora and we can only say they are lovely . We all enjoy them, teachers and students alike. We know  it´s not easy to publish a page like yours but we encourage you to keep working hard and SHARING for the benefit of our profession. Now, we would like to SHARE this information with all  your readers :

The Instituto de Enseñanza Superior "Lola Mora" is organizing its PRIMERAS JORNADAS INTERNACIONALES PARA PROFESORES DE INGLES DEL NOROESTE ARGENTINO. These Jornadas will take place on June 16th, 17th and  18th of 2000 in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán.

The topics of the Jornads will be : Language, Linguistics, Teacher Education and New Trends in Translation

Among the plenarists that have confirmed their participation we can mention Miriam Rabinovich from Chile, Ana Maria Armendariz de Gomez and Omar Villarreal.

For more information , please contact us : 

by phone or fax (0381) 4305316 or personally at Muñecas 219 First Floor, San Miguel de Tucumán from  l9:00 to 22:00. hours or e-mail us at

 Stella Caramutti -              

I would like to thank my friends at the Lola Mora for their invitation. It will be an honour for me to share the floor with such great figures as our reputed Chilean colleague and Ana, our friend and Argentinian Foreign Languages guru.


Going to the beach ? Do you remember this oldie from the 60´s by The Drifters ? We hope you go with / find somebody "interesting" to be under the boardwalk .

Staying at home ? Why not renting "Beaches" (AMIGAS PARA SIEMPRE) , that beautiful movie featuring Bette Midler, and watching it or watching it again ? It´s all about FRIENDSHIP,a value we should all include in our list of NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS to cultivate more this year !


Oh when the sun beats down
and melts the tar upon the roof
and your shoes get so hot
you wish your tired feet were fire-proof
Under the boardwalk,
down by the sea
On a  blanket with my baby is where I´ll be
Under the boardwalk,
out of the sun
Under the boardwalk,
we´ll be having some fun
Under the boardwalk,
people walking above
Under the boardwalk,
we´ll be falling in love
Under the boardwalk, boardwalk.
From the park you hear
the happy sounds from the carousel
You can almost taste the hotdogs
and french fries they sell
Under the boardwalk,
down by the sea
On  a blanket with my baby is where I´ll be
So, it´s bye for the month now. We and and our two boys Martin and Sebas will be at Claromecó, a nice small summer village about 180 km further down south
from Necochea... but we promise to keep SHARING as soon as we come back.

Omar and Marina

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