An Ideas Page by Omar Villarreal and Marina Kirac (c)
Year 2          Number 11       February 27th  2000
Hi ! This is the last week of holidays and we did not want to leave you on
your own in these very sad circumstances. I know most of us have been busy with make-ups of the make-ups of the make-ups, teacher´s meetings, Department meetings, examining boards, planning ahead for the year and what not...
But it was still the holidays. Well, it is still the holidays for just one more week. So do not despair you still have seven days to "live la vida loca" before the
real "crazyness" of a new academic year starts.
A dear friend from Essex has just joined our List, Martin Eayrs.
It is a real honour for Marina and me  to have Martin as a SHARER. We do not need  to tell you that Martin was "the" real forerunner of e-Lists in our 
His famous ELT News & Views was, to our ken, the first e- List ever for the teacher of English in Argentina and is still going as strong as ever after a few months recess due to technical reasons.
You can subscribe Martin´s very authoritative and informative List by simply
Martin has sent us this contribution . We hope you enjoy it as much as we did :
Here's a terrible language joke . . . for your list:

An ad appears in the press for a bilingual secretary, must type and take shorthand, etc. Spot, the Wonder Dog, temporarily at a loose end, sees the ad and trots along to the address given, presenting himself with a hopeful 'woof'.

The boss looks up from his newspaper, sees Spot, and sneers ironically "Huh, suppose you've come about the job, eh ?"

"Woof", replies the hopeful canine.

"Can you type, though ?" muses the man, rubbing his eyes doubtfully.

Spot bounds across the room, leaps onto a swivel chair, threads a sheet of A4 through the carriage of a battered Remington and hammers out 120 w.p.m. of memorised Shakespearian verse with one paw while nonchalantly beating out a Highland tattoo with the other.

The boss is clearly impressed by Spot's abilities. "I don't suppose you can do shorthand though ?" he enquires with wakening interest.

Spot leaps off the swivel chair, stretches his paws up to the man's desk, grabs a block and pencil, and sits expectantly with block under paw and pencil in mouth, alert to the human's demands.
When the man is slow to speak Spot begins to inscribe in best Pitman hieroglyphic notation the same Shakespearian text he has just typed so flawlessly.

The boss is clearly wondering what the limits of the obviously gifted Spot might be and how much it would be likely to cost him in Dog biscuits. Suddenly he is stricken by a doubt. "But I do need someone bilingual, you know".

Spot looks at him for a moment, not without contempt, yawns, and then lets out a lazily fluent "Miaooow".

Hope it brightens someone's day.

Best wishes

Last Sunday I wrote thank you for an unforgettable week. I would have to say the same again about last week. I continued my tour for Macmillan Heinemann in
La Plata, Bahía Blanca and (rainy) Mar del Plata (yes, a real shame ! ) .
I also visited the Municipio de La Costa, to launch our project with Colegio Modelo Santa Teresita in Santa Teresita and San Bernardo. Marina and me will act as counsellors for both schools through our St. Paul´s, our Institute.
We will be visiting Santa Teresita often this year, which was very sunny and hot
this time ( though we stayed indoors all day : Yes, what a shame !)
In Bahia Blanca I met Ana Armendariz, who was there to present her book, and she told me that she will go on working in the FL´s Unit at the National Ministry
of Education. Good news for all of us ! We had breakfast together and talked about the devastating effects of the lack of continuity in the teaching of English
in schools. She promised to come to the Profesorado Técnico de la UTN to deliver a lecture to my students of Didactics for EGB and said she and the
Silvias (Silvia Rettaroli and Silvia Luppi) were tired but happy about the
promotional tours for the book they have co-authored.
I also ended Saturday evening very tired but VERY HAPPY to have had another week of direct contact with my colleagues.
After an absence of two years I will have the chance to meet my old and new
friends in San Luís Capital and visit Villa Mercedes, San Luís for the first time in my life. I will be delivering academic talks on TEACHING TEENAGERS and
commercial presentations of POLIMODAL ENGLISH and the new RESOURCE
books in three levels both for TTP´s of Polimodal and Terciary Education)
More information about these books ? Inspection copies ? Free Teacher´s 
Books ?  You can e-mail :  
Information about the San Luis tour ? e-mail Maxi Lopez at  

Are you a foreigner yourself ? Do you want to help an English -speaking friend visiting Buenos Aires ? Do you find it difficult to remember the names of the streets in Buenos Aires ?  No more worries. Here´s the ultimate bilingual guide to the streets of Buenos Aires. We received this posting from a friend (a very dear friend at that) who prefers to remain shrouded by mystery...  Guesses as to her (oops !) identity are accepted.

          Cangallo = Dog Rooster (or Dog Chicken)
          Cucha Cucha = Doghouse Doghouse (or Dog House 2 )
          Juan Domingo Peron = John Sunday Big Pear
          Conesa = With That One
          Charcas = Puddles
          Ascochinga = Disgusting Mistake
          Santa Fe = Holy Faith
          Canning = Enlatada
          Directorio = Phone Book
          Avenida La Plata = Money Avenue
          Larrea = The Vulgar Girl
          Quintana = Fifth Italian Girl
          Juan B Justo = John, Be Just!!
          Catamarca = Marked Cat
          Toscanini = Cough Of The Italian Dog
          Pavon = Big Turkey
          Pinzon = Big Pliers
          Salta = Jump!!!
          Humberto Primo = Cousin Humbert
          Mansilla = Chair Man
          Angel Gallardo = Gentleman Angel
          Primera Junta = First Joint
          Zorrilla De San Martin = Saint Martin's Little Fox
          Vuelta De Obligado = Forced To Go Around
          Segui = Go On!!
          Pila = Battery
          Rafael Obligado = Rafael Was Forced
          Nazca= Be Born!!
          Mosconi = Big, Italian Fly
          Delgado = Skinny
          Cuyo = Whose
          Caseros = Housekeepers
          Pichincha = Very Cheap!!
          Carlos Calvo = Charlie Bald


Our friend Martha Bilba, Head of the Asociación Necochea de Cultura Inglesa has just returned from a family holiday in freezing New York and writes to us :

 I had the immense pleasure of reading all your e-mails. Thank you so much for doing this for us ! Do you ever rest? When I get home now, I rush to the computer to check if there is mail. We needed this ! How did you guess ? We´ll be in contact now. Thanks again.

THANK YOU, Martha for your kind words. Did you know that 2000 was the 50th anniversary of the Cultura Necochense ? Wow ! We are already getting ready for the celebration !!


Carolina Kaplan, a SHARER from Rosario, us of her new e-mail address and sent us these lines :

Thanks a lot for your SHARES and keep on with your great job!  I've got a joke for you that an Irishman sent me:

"How would an Argentinian fireman named José call his twin sons?

 Hose A and Hose B."

In our last issue we posted ASICANA´s new electronic address . By mistake
we added an unnecessary "dot AR" . So the e-mail address of Asociación Santiagueña de Intercambio Cultural Argentino Norteamercano is : Remember I will be in Santiago to teach a two-day course in May. Start getting those "empanadas" ready (they are my favourite

(8) SAY IT NOW !

A dear SHARER, Mara Ibarra,, has sent us a impressive number of messages to share with you. We chose this one, probably because it´s got the beauty of all things simple and straightforward : 

Say It Now

Say It Now

If you have a tender message,

Or a loving word to say,

do not wait until you forget it,

but whisper it today!

The tender words unspoken,

the letter never sent,

the long-forgotten messages,

the wealth of love unspent...

For these some hearts are breaking,

for these some loved ones wait,

and then give them what they need,

before it is too late!




A computer wizard and very dear SHARER (in fact one of our biggest fans !) writes to us :

You know? SHARE is becoming addictive! This very week I found myself
peeking and peeking at my e-mailbox, just to see if a new SHARE was coming
in!. Then, I received your SHARE 10. Thanks a lot for keeping sharing it with us !

Bernardo Humberto Banega (h)
Grupo Buck de Argentina        | Universidad Tecnológica Nacional |

Let´s enjoy one of his many contributions to SHARE :

"Do you remember the famous scene from the film "Casablanca" ( 1942), where a black pianist (Dooley Wilson, as Sam) plays and sings some lines of "As time goes by"?  
"A petulant-looking, disturbed Rick (Humprey Bogart) hears Sam playing
and singing the song and angrily strides over to the piano to chastise him
for playing a tune that recalls Paris: "Sam, I thought I told you never to
play..." And then Rick is startled and dumbfounded by the sight of Ilsa
(Ingrid Bergman)." (

This scene and the song, together with the never pronounced words "Play it
again, Sam", have become widely known as a synonym of nostalgia, romance
and unspoken love. What not too many people know or remember is that "As
time goes by" is a song inspired by Einstein's theory of relativity which had a profound impact on the society of his time. And the very Mr.Einstein is mentioned in the lyrics. 

This day and age we're living in,
Gives cause for apprehension.
With speed and new invention
And things like fourth dimension.

Yet we get a trifle weary
With Mr. Einstein's theory,
So we must get down to earth at times,
Relax relieve the tension.
And no matter what the progress,
Or what may yet be proved,
The simple facts of life are such,
They cannot be removed.

You must remember this,
A kiss is still a kiss,
A sigh is just a sigh.
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by.

And when two lovers woo
They still say, "I love you,"
On that you can rely,
No matter what the future brings
As time goes by.

Moonlight and love songs
Never out of date.
Hearts full of passion
Jealousy and hate.
Woman needs man,
And man must have his mate,
That no one can deny.

It's still the same old story,
A fight for love and glory,
A case of do or die.
The world will always welcome lovers,
As time goes by.

Bernardo goes on to say : " Now that we are at the threshold of a new century, it is good to remember that the "fundamental things" still apply. And that the world will always welcome people capable to love, as time goes by."

Did you know Bernardo has his own web site on ELT ?  We´ll give you all the details in  SHARE 12.

Pearson Education has sent us more information about their workshops for Teachers of English to be held soon :
Wednesday 1st March   18:00 / 20:00 hours
Capital Federal " Longman Activity Soup"
Saturday 4th March  10:00 /13:00 hours
Zárate "Tapping into EGB and Polimodal Students´Creativity"
Thursday 9th. March 18:00 /20:00 hours
Neuquén "Longman Activity Soup"
You can enrol and request further information ? at PEARSON EDUCATION
(011) 4309-6100 or e-mail them at
(12) Sharing NLP with two SHARERS
Two dear SHARERS, Jamie Duncan and Laura Szmuch, invite teachers to a free introductory workshop on NLP and a presentation of their Practitioner´s Certificate Course in San Isidro on Friday 10th March at 14:30 hours.
For enrolment just ring 4431-7582 or 4641-9068 or 4793-6932.
We wish you all the best to these sweet and highly competent teacher educators.

If you are using POLMODAL ENGLISH or you want to know about how to implement a realistic programme for our students over 15 , you cannot fail
to attend my next academic presentations :

Tuesday 29th Feb. VILLA MERCEDES, SAN LUIS  02657- 423182
Tuesday 29th Feb SAN LUIS, CAPITAL 026352- 430072
Thursday 2nd March BERAZATEGUI
Thursday 2nd March QUILMES
Tuesday 7th March LOBOS
Tuesday 7th March SALADILLO
Thursday 9th March ZARATE  03487-439001
Thursday 9th March SAN NICOLAS 03461- 450164
When no contact phone numbers for enrolment are given, please contact Macmillan Heinemann´s office 011- 4797-9204 extension 101  or e-mail   . Hope to see you there !
And don´t miss the rest of Macmillan Heinemann´s Teacher Training Programme
for the coming week :
Monday 28th Feb. Tigre / Pilar Teaching in EGB 3
Tuesday 29th Feb Flores. Teaching in EGB 3 
Tuesday 29th Feb Belgrano. Teaching in EGB 3
Tuesday 29th Feb Ramos Mejia. Teaching Children
Thursday 2nd March Mar del Plata Presentation of SMILE,PLEASE
Friday 3rd March Santa Fé Presentation of SMILE,PLEASE
contact phone : 0342- 4533392
Friday 3rd March Rosario  Presentation of SMILE,PLEASE and SHINE
contact phone : 0341- 4498906 /5637
A young old SHARER ( we can call her a founding SHARER ), Lorena Lara , sent us this quotation. We thought it was a nice way to end this already too long SHARE :

"Truly great friends are hard to find,
difficult to leave, and
impossible to forget."

Good holidays too.  
Enjoy this last week of holidays as if they were the first ( We know it´s no
consolation but...)

Omar and Marina

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