A Word from the Editor

Dear Friends,

As you might know next Friday 4th and Saturday 5th October we will be holding the Third edition of our Annual Congress for Heads of English, Coordinators and Administrators on the premises of the Dazzler Tower Hotel , San Martin 920 of the City of Buenos Aires. A number of specialists: lawyers, public accountants, business administrators, marketing professionals, and coaches will be addressing an audience of around 200 decision makers from all over our country. I myself will be conducting a session on the management of language schools. For this I beg your cooperation: I would like to address those very topics and issues that you, as a school head, are more interested in, those questions that perhaps most trouble you and, as the old slogan goes,”you never dared ask”.

Well this time you can ask as many questions you wish. You can post them in our Facebook group Profesores y Coordinadores de Inglés de Argentina, if you are a member of that group, or mail them to omarvillarreal@shareeducation.com.ar (in this latter case, the subject line should read: Quiero ir al Congreso de Directores) Your questions:


1.- should be written in Spanish

2.- will be answered during the Congress (in my presentation)

3.- will be answered by me, but obviously I will be assisted by a group of specialists I have

     mentioned above.

5.- will be accepted up to September 5 th .

4.- will be included in a draw of two free tickets (for two separate heads) to be raffled and announced on September 6 th .


I thank you for your cooperation in advance.

I will be eagerly waiting for your questions