A Word from the Editor

A tiny little bit more than a fortnight and we will all be sharing the first SHARE congress of the year: The 5th National Congress on the Teaching of English to children, more popularly known as SHARE THE MAGIC 5. This last track in the organization of the event is normally hectic but our nerves are tried and tested (remember we have been organizing these very exclusive teachers´meetings since October 2000 (in Necochea). But they are always put to a new test with every occassion. Thank God we are very fortunate to have a hard working and loving staff to which I would like to pay tribute today. I think I should start with our graphic designer, Gastón Wynen, who you never get to see, but who is forever present in all our publicity and printed material, to Gonzalo Federico Ratto who is the Express Service Officer for our SHARE Convention, an invaluable hand when things get rough at a big event with a population of 600 or more, to Federico Galante who works side by side to Marina, Martin and I for several days before and after each event and to Federico Zangari and a number of other golden boys who are at the service of the audience and that of the organization at any time. And to our dear fellow teachers: Gustavo Giménez and Guillermo Torres, the most senior members of the staff who share all the excitement and the tension of each event and are always ready to find a solution and a lighter side to the problems that arise. This list is incomplete, for sure, but I would like to stress the importance to me of our Vicepresident, Alejandro Manniello, who is a permanent source of counsel to all of us, junior and senior members and to Carlos Petrini, always on duty to help with a smile. A brief and quick picture with some hurried paint strokes of what the SHARE family is. Some other time I will write about our invaluable friends who have been lecturing for you for years now. To all of them and to you, we are and will be perpetually grateful. Dr. Omar Villarreal Editor