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A Word from the Editor

The catchphrase “by popular demand” is probably one the most widely used gimmicks in modern (hence, early 20th century) publicity. This probably, leads us to the obvious conclusion that when you see the words “by popular demand” in a text you tend to believe that it is (in more trendy journalistic usage) an instance of post truth.

Yet, believe us when we say that our First Convention for Heads and Administrators of English Language Schools saw the light of day by popular demand. For a number of years now, the hundreds of teachers and school heads that attend our now traditional Annual SHARE Convention have been asking for a special meeting for school heads and administrators that would attend to their special needs as organizers, directors, coordinators, counsellors or advisers. Not that there were no other offers on the Argentinian market that addressed this specific audience, but, in quite a number of cases, they did not sharply address the professional development issues of heads but only touched upon those topics in a tangential way. We have seen more than one of those conferences advertising talks on phonics, drama or movies(?) It is true that a good head of school should be au-courant with the latest developments in language teaching, but we were often left wondering: In what way does such a general interest congress meet the requirements of heads and administrators? That was why, we took our time to organize our First Convention for Heads and Administrators of English Language Schools, to make it a high quality and highly useful and practical tool for an exclusive audience of 200 decision makers.

Dr. Omar Villarreal