VII Congreso Nacional de la Enseñanza del idioma Inglés a Niños


Angela Konstance

Eight ways to start a lesson with young children!

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International Speaker

To be confirmed.

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Fabiana Parano

Come with me! I´'ll tell you a story and we'´ll play together!


Eugenia Dell' Osa

Synchronous & Asynchronous Lessons with Young Learners.


Paul L. Jones

My best loved classroom  activities with very young learners.


Anastasia Vidal Mackinson

Wrapping it all up nicely! Routines and transitions in kindergarten.

Maria José Torres Campbell

Well-cooked English! Fun with kids in the kitchen.

Daniel Presta

¿Robótica en el Jardín de Infantes? ¡Por supuesto!

Maria Inés Martins

Namaste! Yoga in the classroom with very young learners.

Julieta Mazurski

You can be the teacher your students will remember!