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V Congreso Nacional de la Enseñanza del idioma Inglés a Niños

Magic Drama and Drama Magic!

Let´s explore and experience the power of songs, plays and storytelling!

Through drama techniques and games we can enhance our kids ´imagination and creativity. Drama empowers students in both individual and collective ways. Drama stimulates children to gain self confidence and communicate more effectively within their group.


Magíster Carolina Echeverría

Carolina Echeverría holds a M.A. degree in Applied Theatre, Drama in the Community and Drama Education from Central School of Speech and Drama (CSSD), London (2004). She has organized and facilitated workshops within NGOs in UK, Brazil, Cambodia, Vietnam and Buenos Aires for various vulnerable groups. Since her return to Buenos Aires, Carolina has been coordinating and teaching Drama within the Primary and Middle Years IB Diploma programme at both sites at  St Catherine´s-Moorlands School since 2007, directs the after school drama clubs and she has created her own Theatre for Development Company running workshops in prisons, special needs schools and communities centers.

Currently the company, named Magdalena Pura Praxis, is co-founder and active member of the International Magdalena Network , a theatre network that explores women´s rights through theatre in social and educational contexts throughout  the world.

She has also been a guest lecturer at “Central” for the postgraduate students in Applied Theatre about the use of Theatre of the Oppressed and Theatre for Development and in Education.Carolina has been teaching Drama in institutions of higher education since 1996 in Buenos Aires and has taught for three years at the Gateway Academy in London, where she created a Drama Behavioral Project for challenging and disturbed young people.



How to teach a memorable lesson with kids: Improvisation and songs to keep them hooked

In this session, you will be invited to explore not only how to make the best of ready-made recipes but also how to tap into your own resources to create your own repertoire of engaging activities.

You will also discover how songs can become your best allies when it comes to creating a successful project or when you need to improvise at the onset of unexpected stimuli.


Licenciada María Marta Suárez

Maria Marta is Licenciada en Lengua Inglesa (summa cum laude) por la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional . She has worked as an ELT teacher in different levels and backgrounds: in large classes at state-run schools from kindergarten to university level, in-company and at her own language school in Buenos Aires.

She has also been an immersion ELT teacher for multilingual and multicultural groups at Cluny Hill College (Scotland) and a lecturer in Methodology-related subjects at different teacher training colleges in the city of Buenos Aires (Instituto Superior del Profesorado “Dr. Joaquín V. Gonzalez; Instituto Superior del Profesorado Comenius; Instituto Superior del Profesorado Sagrado Corazón).

At present she delivers teacher development on-site and on-line courses for teachers in different countries and is a presenter at conferences in Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain and Uruguay.

Her heterogeneous teaching experience, and her artistic background in folk singing, circle dancing and story-telling has given her the tools to develop a holistic methodology ALL Method® and to design the material to apply it for learners of all age-groups. Today, her star creation -ALL English for Babies®- is being applied in seven countries in Latin America and Europe.



Technology with children is much more than magic!


Magíster Jeniffer Verschoor

Jennifer Verschoor  is a Magíster en Entornos Virtuales  graduated at Universidad Nacional de  la Patagonia Austral and a Licenciada en Dirección y Supervisión de Entidades  Educativas from Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA). She holds a degree in Literary, Technical and Legal Translation from Universidad del Museo Social Argentino. She completed an online programme called English Teaching and ICT in the Classroom validated by Trinity College London. She also holds a degree in Virtual Environments and a Specialization in Education and ICT offered by the Ministry of Education in Argentina and the International Certificate in Educational Leadership from the University of Cambridge, U.K.

She is the co-author of “My First Digital Journey”, an ebook published by The Round in December 2012. She specializes in online teaching, mobile learning and training via virtual learning environments.

Currently she is  the Head of Educational Technology at  St. George's College North, Argentina.

She has participated and presented papers in many national and international seminars, workshops and conferences. She is a teacher trainer for ESSARP, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Cambridge English and SimpleK12 giving teacher training courses on the integration of ICT. She has been nominated for an ELTon Award in 2013 under the category Local Innovation. She is a Microsoft Innovative Educator 2014 and Microsoft Fellow 2016.


Sockodrile, a super show for children by Stories in a Bag

What activities do our children do after the show?


Profesora Especialista Fabiana Parano

Fabiana Parano is Profesora en Inglés from Instituto Superior Argentina 2000. Especialista en El Juego en Contextos Educativos from Escuela Normal Superior N°4 “Estanislao Severo Zeballos¨, an actress and a storyteller. She has majored in Storytelling at Estudio de Narración Oral Ana María Bovo. She has done intensive training as Clown, the Art of Mimicry (Mimo teatro Escobar-Lerchundi), Physical Theatre and the Use of Masks on Stage (Estudio Belisario, Marcelo Savignone).

She teaches Storytelling in the Classroom at Instituto de Enseñanza Superior en Lenguas Vivas “Dr. Juan Ramón Fernández” and at Escuela de Maestros (ex CePA , Ministerio de Educación, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.



Organizing your school work with children in a fun and effective way

Planning a school year with a group of kindergarten kids or preschoolers can be a tough task for most teachers, no matter how experienced and enthusiastic  a teacher is. A number of crucial decisions are called for: What syllabus (grammatical and lexical progression) should be implanted? Is a common unifying theme or character in a pre-defined picture or textbook going to be used throughout the year? What kinds of tasks and in what sequence are to be implemented? Alfredo Bilopolsky, a lecturer with an extensive experience as a teacher and a head at this level will address these and other matters of interest to the classroom teacher.


Profesor Alfredo Bilopolsky

Profesor de Inglés e Inglés Técnico from Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado Técnico de la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. Kindergarten,  Primary and Secondary School English Coordinator at Escuela Scholem Aleijem. He is also ICT coordinator. He has delivered workshops on Teaching Young and Very Young Learners in different conferences in Argentina. He has taught General English to young children, teenagers and adults at prestigious ELS’s in the city of Buenos Aires. He is co-author of the Video "Descubriendo en Inglés". He is an Assistant Lecturer in Didactics II and Residencia Pedagógica at Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado Técnico de la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. He is a teacher trainer for Oxford University Press. He has completed a postgraduate course in ICT and Education at Universidad CAECE. He is a Google Certified Educator.



A treasure of books, stories and fantasy for you and your children


Every time a book is opened, every time a story is told, every time the MAGIC words Story time! are uttered, we enter a new realm: that of fantasy and MAGIC, a land where everything and anything is possible.

Books and stories and fantasy have always been, and hopefully will always remain, an endless source of magic and imagination and creativity. Let us, as teachers, make use of these wonderful treasures in the classroom from the very beginning!

If you love stories, love sharing them with your students, and if you want your students to share this feeling, join this highly experiential workshop: a pleasant combination of stories to enjoy and tips to use storytelling in your classes from the very first day.


Profesora Marian Derfler

Marian Derfler is a storyteller and an English teacher graduated from Instituto de Enseñanza Superior en Lenguas Vivas “ Dr. Juan Ramón Fernandez”, where she has been an adscripta in “Children’s Literature.” She is currently the Kindergarten and Primary School English Coordinator at San Pablo School in Buenos Aires. She is also an NLP practitioner, a course-book and story writer, and an ALL® Teacher Trainer. She has been an English Advisor and Work Pack Designer for BAP (The Buenos Aires Players), and part of English in Action, a program created by Susan Hillyard to teach English to SEN (Special Educational Needs) students in Buenos Aires.

Marian has created Story Fields®, a storytelling experience which she takes to schools and institutes all over the country. Through Story Fields® she has also trained teachers and Teacher Training Students in the Art & Craft of Storytelling all over the country, sharing her stories and her expertise at different Teacher Training colleges, workshops and ex-CePA ( Centro de Pedagogías de Anticipación) courses.




Let your inner kid come out to play- Games to use in the classroom.

Playing games is not just fun. When young children engage in games in the classroom, they are not only developing their linguistic skills, like speaking, listening and paving the way for literacy, but they are at the same time consolidating their motor and social skills and creating  or increasing  their motivation to  “function” in a language other than their own.

Maria Laura will present real material and clear examples of activities that you can use in your classrooms  with no much extra preparation.


Profesora María Laura Perrotta

María Laura Perrotta is a graduate teacher from Instituto de Enseñanza Superior “Victoria Ocampo”, Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos.  She is currently doing the NILE's MA in Professional Development for Language Education, University of Chichester, UK. She has been an English teacher for 19 years now and a Director for 17. She has taken courses in Education in Argentina, Uruguay, Canada, UK and USA. She has founded 3 English Schools and applies a revolutionary method she has developed herself, in which English is taught to kids, teens and adults in a relaxed environment and practical way. She trains and advises teachers on new trends of teaching.