Professor Trina L. Goslin

English Language Fellow, US Department of State

Emerita Professor, University of Nevada, Reno

Intensive English Language Center

Using vocabulary games to enrich your students’ critical thinking  process

Doctor Omar Villarreal

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Universidad Católica de La Plata

Integrating Skills in Language Learning units for

pre-intermediate and intermediate students

Magíster Patricia De Griese

INeKO, Institut an der Universität zu Köln, Germany

Energy and Motivation Strategies

for Teachers and Students

Alastair Grant B.A.

International House, Montevideo

Colegio Nuevo Las Lomas

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Rediscovering our roots: how

the original elites of ELT taught

us everything we need to know,

or did they?

Magíster Teresita Curbelo

Instituto Cultural Anglo Uruguayo

The role of noticing and

reformulation tasks in the

language classroom

Profesora y Traductora

Joice de Brito e Cunha.

Inst. Cultural Brasileiro Norte-Americano; Porto Alegre, Brazil

Your students can have the time

of their lives with drama in their


Profesora Especialista

Fabiana Parano

Inst. de Enseñanza Sup. en Lenguas Vivas “Dr. Juan R. Fernández”

Escuela de Maestros (ex CePA)

Stories in a Bag

Play is big deal: Rediscovering

play in educational contexts

Profesora Alejandra Ottolina

Santa Mónica School of Languages

Rediscovering R.E.A.D.I.N.G

Licenciado Martin Villarreal

Universidad Nacional de Lanús

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Escuela Normal Sup. en Lenguas Vivas “Sofía Broquen de Spangenberg”

Who said there´s little we can

do to help our students to have

a good pronunciation?

Profesora Especialista

Jennifer Verschoor

The British Council, Argentina

ESSARP - English Speaking Scholastic Association

of the River Plate

St. George´s College.

Is Technology the best way to

more creative schools?

Magíster Sarah Hillyard

Florence Nightingale Kindergarten

It's rhyme time! Finger plays

you'll love!


Profesor Carlos Galizzi

Rediscovering songs for the

teaching of English :

A Step beyond.

Licenciado Alejandro Manniello

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Escuela Secundaria Técnica “Henry Ford”

The best of two worlds: online

+ offline activities = great results



Licenciada Cecilia Sassone

Inst. de Enseñanza Sup. en Lenguas Vivas “Dr. Juan R. Fernández”

So you think you cannot be

creative? These activities will

show you how

Profesora Eugenia Dell’ Osa

Plan Up

Glasgow Kindergarten

Your teen students like to say

no? Give them brain-friendly


Licenciada Paula Ledesma

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Instituto Terciario OTT COLLEGE - Acassuso.

Rediscover Visual Literacy

with Digital Tools and flip

your classroom



Profesor Fernando Capó

Instituto Cultural Anglo Uruguayo

Rediscovering films, video clips

and other audiovisual material

in the light of the new visual


Profesor  Especialista

Mariano Nastri

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

ImpactAR Idiomas

Are you happy with textbook

English? Have a taste of the super

new real English of the real world

Profesora Especialista

Patricia Guzmán

Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Instituto Superior de Formación Docente Nro 97, La Plata

Rediscovering Evaluation in the

21st century: more meaningful

ways to assess our students.

Licenciado Carlos Petrini

Escuela Superior de Servicio Social

Instituto Integral Católico de Chivilcoy

Colegio “Santa Cecilia”

Happy classrooms, happy kids,

powerful learning

Florencia Clarfeld CELTA, IHC TYL, IHC  ELE-ESL

Universidad Nacional de La Patagonia

IELTS Argentina

Hitting the “refresh”

button on skills.

Magíster Paula de la Peña

Escuela de Enseñanza Secundaria Nro 6  y Nro 4 de Bragado

Colegio San José, Bragado

Going Global: giving CLIL a

chance at state-run schools.

Licenciada Silvana Carnicero

Universidad Nacional Arturo Jauretche.

Instituto Nacional de Formación Docente (INFOD)

Digital storytelling: enhancing students’ voice in the 21st century

Licenciada  Vicky Saumell

Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia.

Instituto San Francisco de Asís in Buenos Aires

Rediscovering the coursebook,

an exciting journey

Licenciada Mónica

Rodriguez Salvo

M.A.R. English Services Consultoría Educativa

Empathy: the real challenge of

the 21st Century Educator

Profesora Marina Sak

AACI - Asociación Argentina de Cultura Inglesa

How to help your students

to keep talking

Licenciada Cecilia Ramirez

Instituto Superior del Profesorado “Domingo Faustino Sarmiento”,

San Antonio de Padua

Emotional Intelligence Boosters

Profesora y Traductora

María Chiaraviglio

Formerly Departamento de Idiomas Extranjeros de la

Facultad Regional Rafaela de la UTN



Profesora y Traductora

María Eugenia Marzioni

Escuela de Educación Secundaria Orientada 429 “Mario R. Vecchioli”

Instituto Superior del Profesorado Nro 2 “Dr. Joaquín V. González”,

 Rafaela, Pcia Santa Fé

Argentina en Vivo (Español para

extranjeros):  la argentinidad

for export